Leadership Team

Basu Dev Bhandari
Basu Bhandari is an exceptional entrepreneur, volunteer, and a social leader. He has a strong proven background and track records of heading the number of successful ventures. He not only possesses a great people skill that helps bring community together but also leaves a subtle influence with his mystic chanting in many occasions. His leadership, with a spirit of humility and service has been widely appreciated by many community members.

He has been the integral part of the Nepalese Society, Texas since its inception and has held many key decision making positions. He currently chairs Nepalese American Chamber of Commerce.
Vice President
Gokarna Dahal
Gokarna Dahal is dedicated volunteer and a focused businessman. He is known for his simplicity and often brings enthusiasm and positivity in people around him. He has a strong ability to handle tense and unpleasant situation both in professional and personal world.
General secretary
Bal Joshi
Bal Joshi is one of the most sought after business entrepreneur, Journalist, Commercial lender and a dedicated volunteer. He amazes people with his integrity, positive attitude and his impeccable ability to inspire other people. While holding executive positions in handful ventures, he manages to get involved with other personal endeavors on the side which are dear to his heart. He carries extensive amount of knowledge in Commercial Lending and helps people make informed decision on their investments.

He is a passionate humanitarian, natural leader, writer, poet, excellent orator who delivers messages loud and clear.

He loves spending quality time with his loved and dear ones and often becomes vocal on not getting stuck in the traditional rat race of arbitrary success. He is a current CEO of The Himalayan Academy, CTK healthcare and Career Institute, General Secretary of Nepalese American Chamber of Commerce and Financial Service Professional at JP Morgan chase Bank.
Smriti Karki
Smriti Karki is a seasoned CPA at Smriti CPA LLC. She has years of public and private accounting experience in providing quality accounting and tax services to clients. Her experience includes conducting, supervising and reviewing annual audits, reviews and compilations of tax returns for partnerships, corporations and individuals. She holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration, Masters of Public Administration and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

She is a self-motivated volunteer and a dear friend of the entire DFW Nepalese community. She plans to dedicate part of her life in Philanthropy and carries a hobby of Travel and Art.
Dr. Prem Adhikari
Dr. Prem Adhikari is a motivator, social activist, entrepreneur and professor who offers a wealth of talent in the development and implementation of educational technology tools and applications in and outside of the classroom. He is driven to inspire peoples to pursue academic and personal excellence. He consistently endeavors to create a challenging and engaging environment in which people can become life-long intellectuals and apprentices. He has an excellent track record of research success and carries a long term mission to take state-of-the-art technology and innovation and apply it for humanitarian purposes.

He is considered to be one of the forerunner who helped in shaping Nepalese Society, Texas, a nonprofit organization that represents around 30k people in DFW area. He has severed community full heartedly and has been President of Nepalese Society, Texas for 4 years. He is also credited for many of the social initiatives such as Community Health camp, Nepalese Math school, Community Center establishment and many more in conjunction with many other social leaders. He has held many decision making positions and widely known for his energy, positivity and people oriented management.
Executive Members
Sabindra Thapa
Sabindra Thapa is President & CEO with Nepas Group & has a wide range of community involvement, volunteerism, and extensive background in entrepreneurial endeavors. He is associated with Nepas IT Services, Desmata It solutions and Nepas Heritage Travel and Tours. He is active member of Dallas Everest Lions Club and previously has served same in the capacity of Treasurer. He also is a member of Greater Dallas Asian Chamber of Commerce. He holds a Bachelor's degree with Management Information Systems from UCO ( University Of Central Oklahoma, 2004 ) . Along with his successful business ventures he now also dedicates his time helping others realize that there are different paths to choose to become successful.
Bhuwan Acharya
Bhuwan Acharya has an extensive background in community involvement, volunteerism and general management. He not only is a successful businessman but also encourages others to go full throttle toward their dreams, associate with others who do the same, and refuse to settle to live in mediocrity. He has the amazing ability to accomplish seemingly difficult tasks specially in the area of bringing people on board in social causes and its courses. He has been instrumental and a key driver of raising funds for establishing the Nepalese Cultural and Spiritual center.

He has served Nepalese Society, Texas as a General Secretary and has been an immediate past President of the society.
Kapil Adhikari
Kapil Adhikari is known to have the highest upside potential who can take on the best business opportunity in Nepalese community of West and North Texas. He is considered to be one of the retail pioneer, whose project implementation skills leads to sustainable wealth generation and large number of employment opportunity within and outside of the community. He believes, this life is but a vapor which lasts only for a short time.

So One should never let anyone tell them they cannot accomplish their dreams and goals. He has also been very actively involved in many community affairs and has held many key positions in that capacity.
Manoj Sigdel
Manoj Sigdel is a management expert who helps business people deliver their messages clearly, concisely and accurately. He has worn many hats in his career as a dedicated public servant, corporate leader and an entrepreneur. He is a strategist who has an ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and to navigate complex challenges. He loves making new professional acquaintances and is a true believer of creating and fostering relationships and giving back in every possible way. He specializes on writing, editing, synthesizing elaborate materials, team building, collaborations and startups.
Haribol Bhandari
Haribol Bhandari is a highly accomplished entrepreneur, social activist and dedicated volunteer. He excels in formulating and positioning community services to help others succeed. He is recognized as an effective and motivational team player who has demonstrated his value by consistently setting and achieving both social and professional goals. Haribol is known as "doer" and "hustler", but such words don't even begin to adequately paint a picture of his commitment to his craft and his aspirations to do great work.

It's because he doesn't see his job as a collection of tasks to be completed in order to move forward, but instead views every task as an opportunity to create something exceptional.
Thala Raj Panta
Raj holds a Diploma in Engineering and Technology from Nepal and has earned several other certifications from USA. Some of His certifications include Engineer/Surveyor/Map Science (USA), Certified EPA Tech (USA), and Certified MPO (City of Dallas), USA. Raj is the owner of a design build company, an engineering and construction industry, based in Texas. Raj lives in Rowlett, Texas, with his wife Sangita and two children.
Naresh Raj Pandey
Naresh has an MPA degree from Nepal, and has proved himself a highly successful business entrepreneur in the Nepalese Community in Dallas, Texas. Naresh is the Owner/President of several retail businesses and is heavily involved in several Nepali Community activities in Dallas. Naresh lives in Glenn Heights, Texas, with his wife Mandy and three children.
Suraj Poudel
Suraj Poudyal is a high octane real estate broker who provides high-level expertise in real estate sales in the Dallas Fort worth Metorplex. Suraj carries a mission to provide extraordinary services and exceed his clients' expectations by always committing to the highest levels of professionalism, ethics and standards in real estate domain.

He is consistently responsive, extremely knowledgeable and persevering. He is dedicated to delivering the absolute best personal service, advanced marketing strategies, and superior customer satisfaction. He is an active member of Dallas Everest Lions Club and gets involved in many social activities.
Rabin Khanal Sumiran Sapkota
Yamuna Bhattarai Mr. Binod Tiwari
Rajesh Aryal

Past EC:

Initial team was formed from NST public meeting to present a by- laws.
  • Coordinator: Basu Bhandari
  • Baikuntha Bikram Thapa
  • Bhim Karki, CPA
  • Anjan Shrestha
  • Bal Joshi
Added more members to support the mission:
  • Ram Pokhrel
  • Gouri Joshi
  • Dr. Prem Adhikari
  • Mr. Bhuwan Acharya
  • Kapil Adhikari
  • Dr. Murali Adhikari
  • Naresh Pandey
  • Gokarna Dahal
  • Haribol Bhandari
  • Sita Sapkota
  • Uttam Laamichhane
  • Krishna Laamichhane