Founded in Dallas in 2014, The Nepalese American Chamber of Commerce is an independent, not-for-profit US Corporation devoted to create, protect, promote and enhance economic opportunities & prosperity to Nepalese Business community in DFW.

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Nepalese American Chamber of Commerce, Dallas TX
2016 W. Grauwyler Rd, Irving, TX, 75061
Phone: +1 240-413-4618

News and Events

  • 5th Annual General Assembly

    The Nepalese American Chamber of Commerce- DFW has successfully completed it’s 5th Annual General Assembly on January 12, 2020. Among many agendas covered, the By-Laws Amendment proposal presented by the team, two new memberships categories were added and approved by the assembly unanimously. This amendment added life member and corporate membership category. The Election Committee […]

  • Nepalese Society of Texas Election 2020 Results

    The Nepalese Society of Texas, known more commonly by their acronym NST, on December 28th, 2019 have elected a new Committee to be led by Dinesh Sharma, a prominent philanthropist in the DFW Community. The committee is as follows: Dinesh Sharma, President Rajendra Wagle, Senior Vice President Madhur Kharel, Treasurer Bibek Kandel, Deputy Treasurer Narayan […]

  • 2nd Women’s Entrepreneurship and Leadership Summit

    In an industry often remembered by the men who typically have lead it for decades, the Nepalese American Chamber of Commerce is once again preparing for the second Women’s Entrepreneurship and Leadership Summit. Founded in 2019, the summit follows, connects and networks with female business owners, leaders, and pioneers across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  Join […]

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  • I am proud to be a one of the initial member of Nepalese American Chamber of Commerce. There are many reasons why joined Yeti. Among the primary reasons for our involvement is the Chamber’s ongoing efforts to aid small businesses such as ours, as well as the energy they put forth to better our Nepalese community. Born of Yeti Chamber is to serve primarily Nepalese Business Owners and it our duty to help he community we belong to. The Chamber also is an excellent venue to connect with all the members.

    Chandra Belbase, Gas Station Owner- Frisco TX

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