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5th Annual General Assembly

The Nepalese American Chamber of Commerce- DFW has successfully completed it’s 5th Annual General Assembly on January 12, 2020.

General Secretary- Pradip Giri addressing the crowd

Among many agendas covered,
the By-Laws Amendment proposal presented by the team, two new memberships categories were added and approved by the assembly unanimously. This amendment added life member and corporate membership category.

The Election Committee conducted an oath ceremony for the newly appointed three executive members.
DFW prominent business personality Mr. Kapil Adhikari, Businessman and social activist Mr. Haribol Bhandari and an aspiring women entrepreneur Dr. Sangita Tiwari were among six nominated members. In addition to these there’s, the Chamber has nominated Mr. Deepesh Shrestha, Mr. Narayan Puri, and Ms. Yamuna Bhattrai as the executive member of Chamber.

Chamber’s 2020 plan was presented by President, Bal Joshi, and treasure, Smriti Karki, presented 2019 financials report to the assembly. CPA Bilash Updhyaya Offered “Get ready for 2020 Tax” seminar after the assembly concluded.

Nepalese Society of Texas Election 2020 Results

The Nepalese Society of Texas, known more commonly by their acronym NST, on December 28th, 2019 have elected a new Committee to be led by Dinesh Sharma, a prominent philanthropist in the DFW Community. The committee is as follows:

Dinesh Sharma, President

Rajendra Wagle, Senior Vice President

Madhur Kharel, Treasurer

Bibek Kandel, Deputy Treasurer

Narayan Hari Khadka, Deputy General Secretary

Anup Karki, Youth & Student Coordinator

The Six Executive Members:

Bikash Upreti

Dinesh Neupane

Pashupati Timsina

Kiran Paudyal

Raju Prasad Nepal

Yudhishthir Nepal

The positions of General Secretary, IT Coordinator, and Women’s Coordinator have yet but are soon expected, to be filled.

Congratulations to all who have been elected and we all wish for a successful tenure of President-Elect Sharma and the entire committee.

2nd Women’s Entrepreneurship and Leadership Summit

In an industry often remembered by the men who typically have lead it for decades, the Nepalese American Chamber of Commerce is once again preparing for the second Women’s Entrepreneurship and Leadership Summit. Founded in 2019, the summit follows, connects and networks with female business owners, leaders, and pioneers across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  Join us on March 28th to celebrate the astonishing women who are emerging and helping reform a powerful industry.

“Bajeko Sekuwa” opens a new location in Irving, Texas

The popular Nepali Chain Restaurant, “Bajeko Sekuwa” has opened its second location in the United States in the city of Irving, Texas. Having launched internationally in New York City, the restaurant chain has a reputation for world-class service, excellence, and authenticity in terms of service, flavor, and decor of Indo-Nepalese cuisine. Whether it’s some chicken momo dumplings or some delicious curry, stop by at 5465 N MacArthur Blvd for that flavorful Nepali taste right here in the heart of Texas.

Nepalese American Chamber of Commerce Newly Elected Members

The recently concluded election of the Nepalese American Chamber of Commerce, Dallas, Texas, has elected a new working committee led by Bal Joshi for the upcoming 2020-2021 term.

The result of the elections for the third term of the chamber is as follows:

  • President- Bal Joshi
  • Vice President- Sudeep Adhikari
  • General Secretary- Pradip Giri
  • Secretary- Sunil Gautam (Nominated)
  • Treasurer- Smriti Karki, CPA

Executive Board Members:

  • Dr. Bishnu Maya Upadhyay
  • Santosh Chaudhary
  • Suresh Pokhrel
  • Krishna Bhandari
  • Shailendra Manandhar
  • Bijaya Raj Bhattarai
  • Prem Shahi, CPA
  • Suraj Poudyal
  • Yamuna Bhattrai (Nominated)
  • Kapil Adhikari (Nominated)
  • Deepesh Shrestha (Nominated)
  • Narayan Puri (Nominated)
  • Haribol Bhandari (Nominated)
  • Dr. Sangita Tiwari ((Nominated)

The Nepalese American Chamber of Commerce was founded to connect and network with Nepalese-American Businesspeople, owners and entrepreneurs to promote Nepalese-American business in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We congratulate the newly elected committee and look forward to seeing a productive 2020-2021 term.

1st Nepali Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership Summit 2019 held in Dallas

The Nepalese Women’s Entrepreneurship and Leadership Summit with aims to grow a desire to see more women represented in leadership roles in business and the community has been successfully held in Dallas, Texas. This effort was to inspire women to step up leadership and encourage women to use their voice and share their stories to motivate and empower others.

अमेरिकी सरकारसँग यति च्याम्बर अफ कमर्सको रणनीतिक सम्झौता

अमेरिकी सरकार अन्तर्गत रहेको ‘स्माल बिजनेस एड्मिनिस्ट्रेसन ( एसबिए)’ सँग हालै मात्र अमेरिकाको टेक्ससस्थित यति च्याम्बर अफ कमर्सले एक रणनीतिक साझेदारी पत्रमा हस्ताक्षर गरेको छ।

डालसको यति च्याम्बर्स अफ कमर्सले यति सेभिङ्ग परियोजना ल्याउँदै

यति च्याम्बर्स अफ कमर्सले निकट भविस्यमै यति सेभिङ्ग परियोजना ल्याउने भएको छ । यति च्याम्बर्स अफ कमर्सका महासचिव बाल जोशीका अनुसार विभिन्न क्षेत्रमा ब्यापार संग सम्बन्धित सेवा प्रदान गर्ने भेण्डर कम्पनीहरुसंग च्याम्बर्स सम्पर्कमा रहेको छ ।

टेक्सासमा ड्यालसका व्यापारीहरू एकजुट, यती च्याम्बर अफ कमर्सको जन्म

बर्षौं देखिको लामो प्रयास पछि अन्तत: अमेरिकाको ड्यालस सहरका ब्यापारीहरु एकजुट भएका छन् ।