Leadership Team

Manoj Sigdel

Manoj Sigdel is a management expert who helps business people deliver their messages clearly, concisely and accurately. He has worn many hats in his career as a dedicated public servant, corporate leader and an entrepreneur. He is a strategist who has an ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and to navigate complex challenges. He loves making new professional acquaintances and is a true believer of creating and fostering relationships and giving back in every possible way. He specializes on writing, editing, synthesizing elaborate materials, team building, collaborations and startups.

Immediate Past President
Basu Dev Bhandari

Basu Bhandari is an exceptional entrepreneur, volunteer, and a social leader. He has a strong proven background and track records of heading the number of successful ventures. He not only possesses a great people skill that helps bring community together but also leaves a subtle influence with his mystic chanting in many occasions. His leadership, with a spirit of humility and service has been widely appreciated by many community members.

He has been the integral part of the Nepalese Society, Texas since its inception and has held many key decision making positions. He currently chairs Nepalese American Chamber of Commerce.

Vice President
Suraj Poudel

Suraj Poudyal is a high octane Real estate broker with DFW Yeti Homes LLC who provides high-level expertise in real estate sales in the Dallas Fort worth Metorplex. Suraj carries a mission to provide extraordinary services and exceed his clients’ expectations by always committing to the highest levels of professionalism, ethics and standards in real estate domain. 

He is consistently responsive, extremely knowledgeable and persevering. He is dedicated to delivering the absolute best personal service, advanced marketing strategies, and superior customer satisfaction. He is an active member of HDNP(Help for Desperate Needy People) and gets involved in many social activities.

General secretary
Bal Joshi

Bal Joshi is one of the most sought after business entrepreneur, Journalist, Commercial lender and a dedicated volunteer. He amazes people with his integrity, positive attitude and his impeccable ability to inspire other people. While holding executive positions in handful ventures, he manages to get involved with other personal endeavors on the side which are dear to his heart. He carries extensive amount of knowledge in Commercial Lending and helps people make informed decision on their investments.

He is a passionate humanitarian, natural leader, writer, poet, excellent orator who delivers messages loud and clear.

Smriti Karki

Smriti Karki is a seasoned CPA at Smriti CPA LLC. She has years of public and private accounting experience in providing quality accounting and tax services to clients. Her experience includes conducting, supervising and reviewing annual audits, reviews and compilations of tax returns for partnerships, corporations and individuals. She holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Masters of Public Administration and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

She is a self-motivated volunteer and a dear friend of the entire DFW Nepalese community. She plans to dedicate part of her life in Philanthropy and carries a hobby of Travel and Art.

Kedar Timalsina

Kedar Timalsina is a business Entrepreneur and a tourism Enthusiast. He is also member of Dallas Everest Lions Club. He serves as a secretary of Nepali Cultural and Spiritual Center (NCSC) and Executive member of International Blood Donor Association.

IT Coordinator
Rubin Rajbhandari

Rubin a technology enthusiast has been providing voluntary service to various non profit Organization. He completed his Bachelor in Computer Science and currently works as a Software Developer at State Farm. His expertise are Web application Development and IT consulting. He also serves in United Stated Army Reserves.

Executive Members
Kapil Adhikari

Kapil Adhikari is known to have the highest upside potential who can take on the best business opportunity in Nepalese community of West and North Texas. He is considered to be one of the retail pioneer, whose project implementation skills leads to sustainable wealth generation and large number of employment opportunity within and outside of the community. He believes, this life is but a vapor which lasts only for a short time.

So One should never let anyone tell them they cannot accomplish their dreams and goals. He has also been very actively involved in many community affairs and has held many key positions in that capacity.

Bhuwan Acharya

Bhuwan Acharya has an extensive background in community involvement, volunteerism and general management. He not only is a successful businessman but also encourages others to go full throttle toward their dreams, associate with others who do the same, and refuse to settle to live in mediocrity. He has the amazing ability to accomplish seemingly difficult tasks specially in the area of bringing people on board in social causes and its courses. He has been instrumental and a key driver of raising funds for establishing the Nepalese Cultural and Spiritual center.

He has served Nepalese Society, Texas as a General Secretary and has been an immediate past President of the society.

Saroj Sigdel

Saroj Sigdel is a current CEO of Global Brothers Investment Inc and Murugan Entertainment LLC. He has a master’s degree in demography. He started his journey in business as a general manager at global health care and research center in Nepal. He immigrated to united states in 2008 with a vision to create a new business venture. Ability to analyze and invest in market, strategic marketing plan and co-operative relation with suppliers has given remarkable success to his ventures. He powers to lead the company, direct and control the company’s operations and to give strategic guidance and direction to the board, also able to work and guide teams in both matrix and line organizations.

Pradip Giri

Pradip a young Entreprenuer is an owner of Nepali Fast Food, Momo To Go. His concept of Nepali Fast Food is one of a kind Business model in American Society. He completed his MBA from Texas Women’s University. Apart from his business Pradip pursues his career in accounting at Aimbridge Hospitality.

Sumiran Sapkota

Sumiran Sapkota an entreprenuer and investor started his career at an early age of 16 by helping his parents in their business. Sumiran a Business Tycoon owns and invests in multiple businesses. He graduated from University of Texas at Dallas with bachelor in Finance.

Jen Shrestha

Jen Shrestha is a Founder and Director of Reliance Insurance Group. He is also an Executive Committee Member of United Nepalese American Convention. He completed his MBA from The University of Findlay, Findlay, Ohio. He is a member of Nepalese Young Entrepreneur’s Forum. He served as an Elected Executive Member of Federation of Nepalese Chambers’ of Commerce and Industry, 2011, (FNCCI) on a National Level in 2011.

Prem Shahi

Prem Shahi is Co-Founder and CEO of Avant Tax. He has years of experience in tax and accounting field. He is a Certified Public Accountant licensed in the state of Texas. His extensive experience in tax planning, tax compliance, International taxation and IRS representation makes him leading Tax Consultant in the community. He always values the client relationships that he develops and makes it as his first priority. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

Kapil Adhikari

Kapil Adhikari a Financial tycoon has been in banking sector for more than a decade. He has been in this financial industry for 20 years. Apart from his financial professionalism he has been involved in several organization. He is the Ambassador of Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Fort Worth Sister City International. He is Life member of INLS and member of NST and NRNA.

Rabi Pradhan
Binod Tiwari
Binita Lamichhane