Nepalese Society of Texas Election 2020 Results

The Nepalese Society of Texas, known more commonly by their acronym NST, on December 28th, 2019 have elected a new Committee to be led by Dinesh Sharma, a prominent philanthropist in the DFW Community. The committee is as follows:

Dinesh Sharma, President

Rajendra Wagle, Senior Vice President

Madhur Kharel, Treasurer

Bibek Kandel, Deputy Treasurer

Narayan Hari Khadka, Deputy General Secretary

Anup Karki, Youth & Student Coordinator

The Six Executive Members:

Bikash Upreti

Dinesh Neupane

Pashupati Timsina

Kiran Paudyal

Raju Prasad Nepal

Yudhishthir Nepal

The positions of General Secretary, IT Coordinator, and Women’s Coordinator have yet but are soon expected, to be filled.

Congratulations to all who have been elected and we all wish for a successful tenure of President-Elect Sharma and the entire committee.

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