Nepalese American Chamber of Commerce is excited to introduce Start-Up Academy to the Nepalese Community!
It is a three month long program that teaches start-up entrepreneurs to start and run their own REAL businesses.

Over the course of the program, students:

  • Brainstorm business ideas
  • Write a business plan
  • Interact with business professionals
  • Pitch their business plan to potential investors (think ABCs Shark Tank!)
  • Obtain funding
  • Legally register their businesses
  • Actually launch their own businesses

Why Apply?
This program offers new entrepreneurs the chance to:

  • Develop the skills necessary to launch their own business (hands-on entrepreneurial experience!)
  • Learn about real businesses – why they succeed or fail.
  • Hear from local entrepreneurs.
  • Launch their own business.
  • Become more confident in their ideas and their abilities.