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NACOC Business Assistant Center

NACOC Business Assistance Center is a one of the major program of Nepalese American Chamber of Commerce. NACOC Business Assistance Center provides a variety of business development services to new and existing business owners through our online platform. This service is being provided at no cost to all business throughout the United States. In-depth, client specific coaching and training is available. Services are administered via 1:1, team, and workshop formats. The needs of the client drive the SBAC experience. Our client services platform understands business owners concern and customizes a plan of service that targets barriers and unlocks potential.

Small Business Assistance Centers provides following services:

  • Accounting assistance
  • Business management counseling
  • Completing federal, state and local certification applications
  • Contract procurement assistance
  • Estimating/Bidding assistance
  • Identifying local resources
  • Loan packaging assistance
  • Marketing plan development
  • Referrals to financial assistance programs

How does BAC works:

Our NACOC Business Assistant Center (BAC) module lets you submit your question on a wide range of business domains. Once the form is received by our moderator, he/she will route your questions to the corresponding resource person for it to be adequately answered. If the nature of the question or concern is complex, then we will facilitate the one and one session with you and business resource persons. At that point, you will receive a discounted service as a privileged NACOC member.

The Architect BAC:

Many people believe starting a business is a mysterious process. They know they want to start a business, but they don’t know the first steps to take. At the same time there are business owners who have explicit knowledge on their core business but they may not know the magnitude of potential internal problems and external threats. In either case, having a support system that can navigate you from ambiguity to certainty would be a great advantage. With that in mind, Mr. Bal Joshi, the founding General Secretary of Nepalese American Chamber of Commerce and newly appointed Executive Director of BAC sought the need of this platform. He conceptualized and architected the vision and Mr. Manoj Sigdel, the founding member of the Nepalese American Chamber of Commerce has been instrumental on the technical design front.

BAC Advantage:

As the number of small businesses continues to grow, the potential questions and concerns grow as well. And the list of services might be limited only by your imagination and some personal preferences. To lessen these problems and let you focus on your day-to-day core business activities, BAC will be working as a liaison to get those questions and concerns answered. Our pool of skilled and experienced business resources who are in a position to make suggestions will not only help answer your question but also can help expand the scope of your business.

Chamber Mix

Chamber Mix is a series of themed networking events that promote professional development and business exchange. Chamber Mix attracts an average of between 30-50 attendees, and features a keynote speaker.

Members can exhibit their business to generate business leads and exposure. Chamber Mix is also the place to build relationships with member businesses .

Chamber Mentorship Program

NACOC Chambers exclusive mentor/mentee program is a one-of-its-kind opportunity for your business to team up in one of the most rewarding experience business Leader.

This program is designed to build connections between new business owners and established business owners of Dallas Nepalese business community. The program consists of face-to-face meetings and events throughout the program year, including discussions to set and track goals.

Start-up Academy

Nepalese American Chamber of Commerce is excited to introduce Start-Up Academy to the Nepalese Community!
It is a three month long program that teaches start-up entrepreneurs to start and run their own REAL businesses.

Over the course of the program, students:

Brainstorm business ideas
Write a business plan
Interact with business professionals
Pitch their business plan to potential investors (think ABCs Shark Tank!)
Obtain funding
Legally register their businesses
Actually launch their own businesses

This program offers new entrepreneurs the chance to:

Develop the skills necessary to launch their own business (hands-on entrepreneurial experience!)
Learn about real businesses – why they succeed or fail.
Hear from local entrepreneurs.
Launch their own business.
Become more confident in their ideas and their abilities.

NACOC Cost Saving Program(Buyers Club!)

Helping your business grow!

The Nepalese American Chamber of Commerce provides its members with the highest quality benefits, programs, and cost-saving services. By taking advantage of one or more of these exclusive member offers, your business will see a return on your membership investment immediately.