What Business Owners Say

I am proud to be one of the initial members of the Nepalese American Chamber of Commerce. There are many reasons why I joined NACOC. Among the primary reasons for our involvement is the Chamber’s ongoing efforts to aid small businesses such as ours, as well as the energy they put forth to better our Nepalese community. Born of NACOC Chamber is to serve primarily Nepalese Business Owners and it our duty to help he community we belong to. The Chamber also is an excellent venue to connect with all the members.

Chandra Belbase

Gas Station Owner- Frisco TX

When I was approached for Chamber Membership, I was really not sure what to expect. But I went ahead and subscribed to the membership. I am not disappointed with the performance NACOC has done thus far. The events I have attended so far have been fabulously run, had a diverse audience, with something for everyone, be it an update into the local or national markets or a conversation with a potential resource. Thank you, NACOC for your effort to bring the Nepalese Business Community together.

Binod Adhikari

IT Consultant- Plano TX

I have been associated with NACOC Chamber since September 2015, Since then, I have always tried to attend most of its events. One event I never miss is Chamber Mix. The Chamber Mix gave me the opportunity to meet with key representatives from various organizations in DFW to discuss and share industry updates. I have gathered so much information from another participant Business Owners by just listening to them- and it’s all FREE. Thank you for organizing this type of important event. I will be looking forward to the next one.

Keshar Sapkota

Convenience Store Owner, North Richland Hill, TX